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  • solid state amplifiers
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


The Kasino amplifier brand was launched by Kustom Electronics in 1972. Kasino amplifiers were identical to Kustom amplifiers but were covered with traditional Tolex material instead of the regular Kustom Tuck-And-Roll Naugahyde. This made the Kasino amps more attractive to players with conservative tastes who were put off by the flashy look of the Kustom amps.  The Kasino amplifier line was discontinued in 1975 following a change of ownership of Kustom Electronics.

Although Kustom went out of business in the late 1980s, Hanser Holdings of Cincinnati, Ohio bought the rights to the Kustom and Kasino brands in 1994. At this time Hanser introduced some Chinese made Kustom amplifiers and some Kasino by Kustom guitars and basses.

Source: Kasino catalog 1973


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