Kenji (Sugita)

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars


Sugita Kenji makes acoustic guitars in Japan. He launched the Sugita Kenji brand in 2007 although he previously made guitars under the Sugi Craft brand (from 1990) as well as for Dolphin Guitars earlier under the Dolphin and Carrera brand names (from 2003). Circa 2017 he had two main series of models: the Carrera series and the Dolphin series.  The Carrera series are Kenji's standard models and they come in four sizes — SJ, D, OOO, O-14 and feature the lizard/moon logo. The Dolphin series are only available via Dolphin Guitars in Osaka, Japan.
Source: Sugita Kenji website (10 November 2017)


Sugita Kenji acoustic guitars