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Klein Electric Guitars was the company established to make and sell Steve Klein's revolutionary ergonomic electric guitar design. Klein introduced his electric guitar model in 1988. Lorenzo German took over this electric guitars division of Klein Guitars in 1995, and made Klein electric guitars in his shop until around 2005. The benefits of the design were described on the Klein Electric Guitars website:

"When you play the Klein Electric sitting down, the body of the guitar sets the neck at the optimum angle for your left hand to access the fingerboard easily and comfortably. Instead of moving your hand away from your body to play on the lower frets, and into your body to reach the upper frets, your hand and arm will move freely to travel the minimum amount to reach every fret on the fingerboard. And notice that the body gently curves away from the fingerboard, making all notes, even those on the highest fret, easy to reach. As David Torn states: "now my left hand can do what it is paid to do."

Right hand technique is also facilitated by the Klein Electric. The upper "bout" of the guitar offers a convenient place to rest the upper arm and hinge of the elbow, providing stability for the right hand's actions in picking or plucking the strings. This is similar to the support offered by the body of an acoustic guitar, and offers the opportunity to apply methods described by guitarists with superlative right hand technique.

Whether you are playing standing up or sitting down, the headless design and distribution of weight balances the guitar perfectly. Your hands are not burdened with the struggle to hold the guitar and to play it at the same time - they are free to move, to respond to the musical ideas you feel and hear in the moment."

Klein Electric Guitars offered two basic guitar models: the DT-96 and the BF-96. Both guitars feature a one-piece rosewood bolt-on headless neck, a Steinberger S-trem bridge, tone and volume controls and pickup selector switch, and a 25 and 1/2 inch scale length. Both guitars have an overall length of 31 and 1/2 inches. They also made a K-Bass bass guitar.

Source: Klein Electric Guitars website (archived 2007)


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