product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars


Howard Klepper first began working on guitars in 1968, when he started fixing up pawnshop finds. On moving to Berkeley he worked with Larry Jameson and Mike Stevens at the original Guitar Resurrection shop. When Larry & Mike left to pursue other interests, Klepper started his own repair business in the back of a music store.  Soon he had his own store, buying and selling used instruments and doing repair work but by the time he made his first acoustic guitar, in 1977, he was focused solely on making and repairing guitars. Working in Berkeley in the 1970s, Klepper met  Jon Lundberg, Mario Martello, Richard Johnston, Steve Klein, Stewart Port, Ralph Novak, and Ervin Somogyi.  By 1978, Klepper had closed his shop and went back to school and pursued an academic career in law and philosophy. Nineteen years later he retrieved his tools from storage and began woodworking again and since 2001 has been a guitar maker. Klepper makes classical, carved archtop, and electric solid body guitars, but most of his guitars are steel-string flattops. All his designs are original useing contemporary materials and methods.

Source: Howard Klepper website (15 November 2017)


United States
California US