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Knight Guitars was started by Dick Knight and is one of the few British archtop guitar makers. Originally a banjo and clarinet player Knight started making instruments when his fingers were damaged in an industrial accident. He formed a company with Joe Van Stratten called Stratten Guitars, which ran from 1946 to 1948. Following that company he worked for Selmer. He worked various jobs until he began making guitars full time again in 1963. Dick Knight was joined in his enterprise by Gordon Wells in 1967.  Dick and Gordon worked together with Dick making the guitars and Gordon doing the repairs. In 1986 Dick had a heart attack and semi-retired from guitar making. From 1986 onwards Gordon carried on the guitar making and was joined in 1991 by his son Robbie.

Source: Knight Guitars website (archived 16 November 2017)


Knight Guitars
91 Woodham Lane New Haw
KT15 3NG Addlestone , SRY
United Kingdom
Surrey GB