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Sakurai Kohno is a world renknowned Japanese brand of classical guitars. Kohno Guitars was founded by Masaru Kohno (born in 1926) who began building guitars in 1948 and studied classical building techniques in Spain in 1960 at the workshop of Arcángel Fernández. Masaru Kohno is considered the most important Japan luthier and one of the best worldwide. Kohno was joined in 1967 by his nephew Masaki Sakurai (born in 1944). Masaru Kohno died in 1998 and Sakurai took over the workshop. Guitars may be labelled under the individual luthiers names: Masaki Sakurai or Masaru Kohno.

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Sakurai Kohno guitars
5-27-20 Nishi-ikebukuro Toshimaku
Tokyo JP