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Saul Koll has been making guitars since 1986. Saul had studied sculpture and earned a degree in Fine Art before starting work as a luthier at the World of Strings in Long Beach, California where he worked under the supervision of luthier Jon Peterson. Saul also worked with TVJONES as technician and as a writer for the Gretsch company for several years. During this time he also toured and recorded with pop/punk acts The Charms, 8 Foot Tender, and The Lovesores. 


Koll guitars are built by Saul and his team in Portland, Oregon, using old school equipment, methods, and techniques. They source much of their wood locally in the Pacific Northwest. Koll Guitars partner Gary Hustwit is a Brooklyn based filmmaker and photographer who apprenticed in the workshop of his uncle, Rhode Island luthier and collector Steve Senerchia. Gary has been involved in the independent music, book, and film industries since the late 1980s. Gary and Saul have been friends for over 30 years, since their college days in Southern California. In addition to providing design input, Gary oversees sales and marketing for Koll. 

Source: Koll web page (12 February 2017)


Koll Guitar Company
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