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Mark Lacey enrolled in the the London College of Furniture & Interior Design in 1974 to study a three year full-time course in Musical Instrument Technology. He spent the first two years building mostly early-fretted instruments from the renaissance and baroque periods, which included lutes, guitars, citterns and viols. In his final year he focused on modern fretted guitars. On graduating he moved to Oslo, Norway and spent four years working as a repairman for Norway's largest importer of musical instruments; Norsk Musikk Instrument Company A/S. In 1981 he moved to Nashville to work as a repairman for George Gruhn. He then moved to Los Angeles to run a custom guitar shop for Bill Lawrence before starting his own workshop in 1984. In 1986 he went to work at the Guild guitar factory in Westerly, Rhode Island where he doubled as quality control and design engineer. Lacey was responsible for getting the Ashbury Bass and the new line of solid bodies into production as well as the new Gruhn acoustic models.

In 1987 he returned to Los Angeles to open his own custom guitar shop. Employing two repairmen allowed him to work exclusively on making instruments. At first, he made mostly solid-body electrics and flattops but in 1989 he started making archtop and carved top semi-solid body electrics. In 1995 he moved to Nashville where he worked from a home workshop. Lacey has also provided consultancy services for Eastman Stings Archtops and Two Old Hippies flat top acoustics.

Source: Lacey Guitars website (24 November 2017)


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