product types: 

  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Urs Langenbacher trained at the Mittenwald School of Violin and Plucked Instrument Making. From 1992  he was employed by Master Violin Maker Pierre Chaubert in Füssen, Germany, entrusted with all repairs and restorations of plucked instruments as well as building of classical guitars and mandolins. In 1995 Langenbacher was awarded the “Meisterpreis der Bayerischen Staatsregierung” for the best result in the Master exams. Since 1999 he has been running his own workshop with luthier Pierre Chaubert under the historical roof of the old “Feuerhaus” in Füssen  across the valley from the famous Castle Neuschwanstein. Langenbacher recevied gold and silver medals with two concert guitars 2001 at the 5th International Guitar Makers’  Competition of the Assoziatione Liutaria Italiana in  Baveno, Italy. He was also awarded the German Musical Instrument Award 2008 for the classical guitar “personal design 2007”.

Source: Langenbacher brochure 2016


Urs Langenbacher, Im alten Feuerhaus
Schrannengasse 12
87629 F├╝ssen