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Joël Laplane is a specialist in classical guitar and flamenco making. Since 1976 he has built more than 270 guitars and made about 4000 repairs that have established its international reputation. By combining the three parts of his training as a luthier, guitarist and acoustician. From 1972 to 1977, Joël Laplane studied violin making in the studio of the Spanish luthier Arthur Carbonell-Torres.  He obtained a Master of Physics and a Master in Acoustics in 1974. He also studied classical guitar with Louis Davalle and obtained the Concert License at the National Music Competition in 1974. He studied how the guitar works with several acoustic labs: The CNRS, ITEMM (European Technological Institute of Music Professions, Le Mans) and The RENAULT Acoustics Laboratory.

Source: Joel Laplane website (7 December 2017)


Joël Laplane - Luthier
15 rue Four de la Ville
34120 Pézenas