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  • other effects
  • volume and expression effects


Burkhard Georg Lehle, the founder of Lehle, combined his passions for music and technology to develop innovative effects splitters and switchers. Starting with guitar modifications at 13, Lehle's journey through music and physics studies led to a workshop in Duisburg, focusing on electric guitar and amp repairs. Identifying a need for reliable, noise-free switchers, Lehle developed his first A/B and A/B/C switchers in 1999, setting industry standards with hand-soldered, relay-based designs. The company evolved to produce its transformers, crucial for high-impedance signal integrity, and collaborated with designers and specialists to expand its product range, including the unique Lehle True Sound Technology and versatile audio solutions.

Source: Lehle website (11 March 2024)


Lehle GmbH
Grenzstr. 153
46562 Voerde