Len Letourneau

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Len Letourneau makes classical guitars by hand in Morinville, Alberta. Letourneau had a background in making intricate models from wood and brass but his interest in making guitars started in his 30s after buying a fine classical guitar from Geza Burghardt in Vancouver. Burghardt saw pictures of his wood & metalwork and asked him to build a special luthiery tool. This cemented a friendship and led to Letourneau making precision tools to perform delicate operations in the process of guitar making. After a few more years Geza suggested he should build guitars. With the help of Michael Lazar and Geza Burghardt, and his acquired skills he was soon building very fine handmade classical guitars.

Source: Letourneau guitars website (21 October 2020)


Len Letourneau Morinville , AB
Alberta CA