Leo Posch

product types: 

  • banjos
  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars


Leo Posch ("Leo the Luthier") makes high quality acoustic guitars, banjos and mandolins in McLouth, Kansas. Posch uses the Wildflower Instruments brand name on his sound hole labels. Circa 2013 the base price for a Posch acoustic guitar was $5000 but there are many custom options open to the customer that would alter this price. His self-described approach to building is a mixture of retro nerd / high tech geek. He adopts new technologies if they add value - like stainless steel frets and 2-way truss rods, but also sticks to traditional methods when they have stood the test of time: like hide glue and hand planed joints

Source: Leo Posch website (5 October 2021)


Leo Posch
Wellman Road
66054 McLouth , KS
United States
Kansas US