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  • acoustic guitars
  • resonator guitars


Bill Blue established Liberty Guitars in 1987 in rural New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Liberty produced inexpensive resophonic guitars until around 2010. In 2001 Bill descibed how the company got its name:

When pondering how Liberty Guitars got its name , one might imagine it symbolizes being set free from the bounds of life through playing slide guitar, "yeah but not exactly," says Bill Blue. He recalls, "There was a little diner in North Carolina where the band used to stop on road trips, always four or five in the morning. It was called the Liberty Diner. They had this big neon sign for the business, but the Diner part of it didn't work. So in the twilight of the night we would see only the word "Liberty" for about half mile before we got there. It was a great place to unwind after a tiring gig and long road trip. One night while we were there talking about guitars, someone asked me what's the name of my guitar company. The words just came out........ Liberty Guitars. Even our logo is a reflection of that sign. The diner has been closed for years now and the sign is gone too, but those warm memories live on. It would be great to have that sign in our shop." "But you know," Bill says, "Playing slide guitar does set you free."

Source: Liberty Guitars website (archived 2003)


Liberty Guitars
1321 Saxon Drive #305
32169 New Smyrna Beach , FL
United States
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