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In the 1970s Ken Lindemere established a music store with Joe Sallay in Vancouver which grew to be one of the biggest in the city. In 1977 they teamed up with Attila Balogh to found Odyssey Guitars. Odyssey had a small production factory making high end electric guitars and basses with a neck-through-body design. Lindemere left Odyssey in 1981 to study for an MBA, and Odyssey closed in 1982. For the next 22 years he ran various departments of his family's industrial distribution and manufacturing business until they sold it in 2002.  He relocated to Chile to set up a distribution centre and ended up settling there and building guitars again. Lindemere's guitars and basses use unique woods, a clean look without screws or plastic plates, an original "dynamic" bridge concept, pickups solidly mounted with simple electronics, head and body angles with high strings as short as possible to lessen tension and facilitate bending.

Source: Lindemere Guitars website (7 June 2018)


Lindemere Guitars - Casilla 389
Correo Calera de Tango