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Augustino LoPrinzi started out in his family's barbershop business in Flemington, New Jersey, but had a workshop at the back of the store where he tinkered with instruments. He made his first guitar in 1958 and by 1969 he quit barbering to work full time as a guitar maker and repairer. In 1972 he founded the LoPrinzi Guitar Company in New Jersey, with his brother Thomas.  They soon had a successful business employing 17 workers which was bought in 1973 by the Maark Corporation (a subsidiary of AMF). Maark expanded the business, which by 1976 employed 80 people and was exporting guitars overseas. At this point Augustino sold his remaining stake in the LoPrinzi Guitar Company to the Maark Corporation. He established "Augustino Guitars" next door to his original factory and made guitars there until 1978, before moving to Florida.  The AMF--owned LoPrinzi Company continued producing guitars until 1980. Around 1990 the LoPrinizi trademark was returned to Augustino and he started the Augustino LoPrinzi Guitar and Ukulele line in Florida. He has now retired leaving his daughter Donna to run the company.

Source: Augustino LoPrinzi website (16 January 2018)


Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars & Ukuleles
1929 Drew Street
33765 Clearwater , FL
United States
Florida US