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L.R. Baggs was founded by Lloyd Baggs who started out In 1973 by buying, modifying, refinishing, retuning and then returning old Gibsons and Washburns - this led to L.R. Baggs fine-handmade-guitar-and-guitar-repair business being  launched. After Lloyd finished his first guitar in a Berkeley, California garage, he took it to his guitar idol, Ry Cooder, and received his first commission. Lloyd's list of customers for his L.R. Baggs Handmade Guitar included Jackson Browne, Janis Ian, Graham Nash and two instruments went to Ry Cooder. The guitar featured on Cooder's "Jazz" album is an L.R. Baggs Handmade Guitar.

In 1975 he moved to Los Angeles and continued his business in an old fire-station loft in downtown Los Angeles, California. In 1978 during the recording of Ry Cooder's "Bop Till You Drop" album, the seeds of the first L.R. Baggs transducer pickup were sown. Takamine had made a copy of the Cooder's Baggs acoustic and installed a transducer pickup. This inspired Baggs to explore the possibilities of the piezo ceramic transducer pickup for the acoustic guitar - Takamine sent him some of their pickups which he then took apart and redesigned.

By 1980 although he was still making acoustic guitars, Lloyd Baggs had been bitten by the pickup bug and moved his business in that direction. In 1980 Baggs launched their first pickup the LB-6 model as used by Leo Kottke. Other early endorsers were Steven Sheehan of the Judds, James Taylor and Kathy Mattea. They helped spread the word and gradually the LR Baggs business grew.

In 1986 the company began to supply Godin with pickups and preamps, this large contract enabled them to move into a proper factory. By 2005 they occupied over 5,000 square feet in a factory in Nipomo, California.

Source: LR Baggs Pickups. Success built with tenacity, courage and faith. The Music Trades, February 2005


LR Baggs
483 N Frontage Road
93444 Nipomo , CA
United States
California US

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