Luigi Bubba

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • lap steel guitars


Luigi Bubba (born 1964) makes and repairs classical guitars in Bolzano, Italy. He studied music before taking a series of luthiery courses and becoming a professional luthier in the 1990s. He refined his technical skills and knowledge of tone woods through many visits to Luciano Maggi's workshop near Arezzo. Over the years he developed his own original building style by examining
the guitars of historical makers and carrying out research. His guitars, based on the classical tradition, use a hybrid approach that mixes historical construction techniques with his own modifications. In addition to classical guitars Bubba also makes flamenco guitars, acoustic guitars, lap steel guitars and baroque guitars.

Source: Luigi Bubba website (archived 2014)


Luigi Bubba
Via della Zecca
I-39100 Bolzano , BZ
Bolzano IT