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Pedro Maldonado was born in 1929 in Granada and showed an early interest in guitar making. In Granada he met and learned from Manuel de la Chica, Eduardo Ferrer and Antonio Robles.Maldonado opened his first classical and flamenco guitar making workshop in 1959 in Calle Caus, 16, Granada, Spain. Several years later he moved to Malaga. He opened a workshop on vda. Velazquez 59 and due to his growing reputation was receiving lots of international export orders. Pedro had two sons (Pedro Jnr and Luis) both of whom are also guitar makers. The second Pedro Maldonado workshop, which opened in Torremolinos in 1982 is run by Pedro Jnr.

Source: Pedro Maldonado website (12 February 2018)


Guitarras Pedro Maldonado
Avda Isabel Manoja , 4
29.620 Torremolinos