Mango Amplification

product types: 

  • tube amplifiers


Nigel Butters established the Mango Amplification brand for his range of all-valve guitar amplifiers. Each one is made to order with a range of speaker, fittings, covering and grille cloth options. Mango amplifiers are designed using established techniques: all are cathode biased, valve rectified, class A single-ended or class AB push-pull, to emulate the rich overdriven tones of the sought after fifties and sixties amplifiers. All are fairly low power so that the distinctive overdriven sound can be attained without excessive volume.

Mango Amplfiers are not available in shops. Contact Nigel via the Mango Amps website to discuss your requirements, if you live within 200 miles of Nigel's Welsh Mountain workshop you can arrange a personal trial in your own surroundings with your favourite guitar.


Mango Amplification
11 Underhill Drive
CF38 1NW Tonteg
United Kingdom