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  • electric guitars
  • acoustic guitars
  • mandolins


English guitar maker Andy Manson has been hand building guitars since 1967, when he made his first acoustic guitar - a long scale length teardrop shaped model. Since then Andy Manson has made around a thousand instruments, always trying to push the boundaries of acoustic instrument performance. He builds guitars, lutes, mandolins, dulcimers, and a variety of multi necked and multi stringed instruments.  

Andy's brother Hugh Mason and later the founders of Brook Guitars began in Andy's workshop. His workshop is now in Portugal
where his stepson Seth has also been helping out. Seth was the manager of Hugh Manson's shop - Manson's Guitar Shop for a number of years and also was John Paul Jones' co-technician for a while. He is developing his own range of Seth Baccus electric guitars.


Andy Manson / Seth Baccus
4 Rua dos Carvalhinhos Ribeira
MRT 3450 061 Espinho