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The Rodriguez family legacy began with Manuel Rodríguez Pérez (son of son of renowned flamenco guitarist Manuel Rodriguez Perez Marequi) in 1905 as an apprentice in Agustín de Andrés’ workshop.  Manuel Rodríguez Pérez then worked at Julián Gómez’s workshop and remained there until 1914 when World War I broke out. After Manuel’s return to Spain in 1914, he joined the workshop of José Ramírez I. After leaving the shop in 1930, Manuel went on to work with other famed luthiers (Borreguero, Saturnino Rojas) and also handcrafted his own instruments on a special order basis.

Returning to Madrid in 1939, the family's involvement in guitar-making persisted. His son - Manuel Rodríguez II, beginning as an apprentice at 13, carved his own reputation by producing his signature flamenco guitars. Manuel learned guitar construction first hand from his father, starting his apprenticeship at age 13 in Madrid. He was soon exporting his guitars to France, the UK, and the U.S. Manuel Senior died in 1958 but Manuel Jr., carried on the family tradition and in 1959, he established a shop in Los Angeles, making classical guitars for professionals, teachers, students, and even Hollywood figures.

Returning to Madrid in 1973, the Rodriguez guitars legacy continued as Manuel Jr. expanded the brand's reach and reputation internationally. In 1994, the family founded a guitar factory near Madrid, maintaining their tradition. Adapting to market trends, Manuel Jr. initiated a partnership in Asia for cost-effective production of more affordable guitars.

Source: Manuel Rodriguez Guitars website (23 August 2023)


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