Mario Aracama

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Mario Aracama is a Spanish classical guitar maker. He started building guitars in the late 1990s in England, where he studied Musical Instrument Technology at London Guildhall University. On graduation in 2003 he moved to Granada to continue working and researching traditional guitar construction techniques. In this historic centre of Spanish guitar making he has learned traditional techniques, being advised by great masters such as Antonio Marín Montero and Michael Ritchie, among others.

Aracama builds both classical and flamenco guitars. He also offers both models with raised fretboard construction. His guitars are characterized by clear and sustained notes, well defined from high to low and with great projection and volume. Each instrument is built with carefully selected woods, varnished with shellac and comes with a hard case.

Source: Guitarras Aracama website (5 October 2022)


Ermita del Padre Eterno
Cortijo Cañadillas (buzón 12)
18410 Carataunas , GD
Granada ES