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  • bass guitars
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Martin Dixon was a self-taught luthier who turned to making bespoke guitars and basses full time in 2001 years ago after moving to Otley from Hertfordshire. A former lecturer in guitar making at Leeds College of Music with a background in design, he had been making guitars as a sideline for more than 20 years before making it his full time occupation. Dixon used his design background to create unique and eye-catching instruments including:marquetry adorned guitars, hand painted guitars, patchwork guitars - but also more conventional models for the less adventurous customer. Replacement bodies and necks were also available. Dixon's website was active from 2002 until 2010.

Source: Otley craftsman whose guitars are a real work of art. Wharfdale Observer. 12 April 2007
Source: Martin Dixon website (archived 2010)


Martin Dixon
Leeds Road
United Kingdom