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Matamp is a renowned manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of handcrafted valve guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. With a factory located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Great Britain, Matamp's team of highly skilled technicians has been building amplifiers since 1964. The company takes pride in their rich history and heritage of producing valve amplifiers and providing great sales, support, and after-sales service worldwide. Rather than replicating existing tones, Matamp focuses on creating amplifiers that assist musicians in finding their own unique sound. Their products have played a significant role in shaping the sound of British music, spanning various genres from Jazz to Metal. Matamp offers global customer service and facilitates direct sales or purchases through their selected specialist dealers. Additionally, visitors are welcome to explore their workshops, where they can meet the skilled technicians, test out different amplifiers, and find the perfect match of amp, speaker, and cab configuration to achieve the desired tone and feel. Matamp's dedication to customer satisfaction extends to their Custom Shop, where they offer tailored amplifiers designed to meet specific needs. From customizing the appearance to fine-tuning the tone, Matamp goes above and beyond to ensure that each customer receives the ideal amp for their requirements.

The company's history dates back to the mid-20th century when founder Mat Mathias established RadioCraft (Huddersfield) Ltd, initially building amplifiers for the emerging music scene. Mat's workshop expanded into a recording studio, leading to the formation of MAT Records. In the early 1960s, Mat collaborated with Tony Emerson, a hi-fi amplifier designer, and together they coined the name MATAMP (Mat And Tony AMPlifiers). The brand gained recognition and attracted musicians like Peter Green and Graham Gouldman. Later, Matamp formed a partnership with Cliff Cooper, owner of the music shop Orange, resulting in the production of Orange Matamps. Despite their commercial success, Matamp remained committed to quality and eventually parted ways with the partnership. Matamp diversified into PA amplification and DJ mixing desks, developing the highly regarded Quasar range and Supernova desks. In 1991, Matamp was acquired by Jeff Lewis, who upheld the company's heritage and values. Green Matamp was introduced in 1992, while a subsequent partnership with Orange lasted from 1994 to 1999. Recognizing the need for lower wattage amplifiers suitable for modern venues, Matamp collaborated with Hayden Minett to develop a range of amplifiers, including the award-winning 1224, C7, and Minimat. Throughout the years, Jeff has modernized design and manufacturing processes while maintaining product quality.

Source: Matamp website (19 July 2023)


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