Maudal (Music Machines - M^3)

product types: 

  • electric guitars
  • resonator guitars


Maudal Music Machines (M3) are custom electric guitars made by Martin Maudal. Muadal previously worked with a chainsaw on a small tree crew. He used that opportunity to hand pick some tone wood supplies- maple, walnut, ash, alder, cherry, sycamore, apricot, plum and many others native (or transplanted varieties) to the Claremont Ca area. Any woods used that he can't get locally are sourced from sustainable supplies. Maudal builds every M3 guitar by hand, one at a time. His unique designs include the Maudal Woodface which bridges electric 6-strings and resonator guitars - aiming for a tonal combination of Strat with biscuit resonator cone.

Source: Maudal Music Machines article (1 March 2018)


Maudal Music Machines
1589 Barbara street
Wrightwood , CA
United States
California US