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  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars


Robert Maurer was a music teacher and seller of guitars and other stringed instruments beginning in the 1880s in Chicago. Maurer distributed imported instruments but also made Champion guitars and mandolins and made instruments for other companies. In 1897 Maurer stopped manufacturing for other companies and focused on his own brand Maurer Parlor guitars. His company employed the Larson Brothers in the 1890s and in 1900 the Larsons bought the business for $2500 in partnership with some other investors. Soon the Larsons were the sole owners of Maurer & Company and all Maurer instruments made after 1900 were made by Carl and August Larson. Maurer and was the Larson's principal brand from 1900 around 1936 when it was replaced by Euphonon.

Source: Acoustic Guitars - the illustrated encylopedia. Dave Hunter. 2003. Merchant Book Company.


Maurer & Company Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US