product types: 

  • bouzoukis
  • acoustic guitars


Dermot McIlroy founded McIlroy Musical Instruments in 2000, having already been building guitars since 1990. The idea to start his own company came in the late 1990s after 10 years working for the Lowden Guitar Company, when a downturn in their fortunes led them to lay off some staff and put the rest on a three day week.  Before starting his company McIlroy had already made around fourteen prototypes and had tested the market with musician friends, who loved his designs. Following the opening of the factory McIlroy released the A series of acoustic guitars, shortly followed by the AS and then the AJ. Dermot has since been joined in the company by his sons Damian and Niall.

Source: McIlroy Guitars website (15 March 2018)


McIlroy Guitars, Unit 24, Antrim Enterprise Agency
58 Greystone Road
BT41 1JZ Antrim
United Kingdom