product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • Cellos
  • Violas
  • double bass
  • violins


Meisel Stringed Instrumwents was a US distributor of orchestral stringed instruments and classical guitars. The Meisel name has been associated with stringed instruments since 1659, when Karl Meisel began hand-crafting violins in Germany.  Since that time generations of Meisel artisans dedicated themselves to making high quality stringed instruments. Meisel violins, violas, cellos and basses were made in the European tradition, and most were constructed with full ebony trimmings, full corner blocks, full neck and endpin blocks, full inside lining and inlaid purflings. Their instruments exceeded the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) specifications.  Each instrument was finished at the Meisel violin shop. Bridges were individually cut, fingerboards were  shaped and aligned, and pegs are fitted to turn smoothly and hold tension. In addition to stringed instruments, Meisel offered a wide selection of strings and accessories.

Meisel Music closed its operations in 2008. The company’s lawyer, Scott Rever said that reduced budgets for school music programs caused a “precipitous drop” in Meisel’s sales.

Source: Meisel Stringed Instruments website (Archived 2001)

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Meisel Stringed Instruments
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