Michael Batell

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Michael Batell is a maker of classical and flamenco guitars, based in Berlin, Germany.  He was born in the USA and apprenticed in 1971 with Harley Day in St Petersburg, Florida. He set up his own workshop while still in University. In 1974 he established the firm Day & Batell Instrument Makers with his former mentor, specializing in historic instruments as well as modern concert guitars. He also taught and lectured on instrument making and woodworking technology in the US. He relocated to Berlin in 2007 where he works in the traditional Spanish style but also makes double-top guitars. He makes around 15 instruments each year.

Source: Michael Batell website (14 January 2022)


Michael Batell
Mariannenplatz 22
10997 Berlin , BE
Berlin DE