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Michael Cone made hist first classical guitar in 1969. By sheer luck he found an 1803 Juan Pagés guitar at a garage sale in Maine and was able to examine at first hand one of the earliest examples of five fan bracing as well as 18th century building techniques.

In 1974, he moved from California to New England, and I concentrated on building classical guitars. While in New England he met and interacted with all the luthiers and musicians he could, including violin maker Marten Cornelissen and classical guitarist Phillip de Fremery. Cone applied Cornelissen's experience and method with violins to the classical guitar, leading to instruments with singing, rich, warm, clear and brilliant, with excellent projection, separation, and sustain. Over the years he has relied on the experience and guidance of master musicians like José Rey de la Torre, Phillip de Fremery, and George Sakellariou, in refining his designs and buildingtechniques.

In 1979 he moved back to California, and between 1987 and 1998 he stopped guitar production while pursuing interests in the area of robotics and computer software. In 1998 he resumed limited production of classical guitars, and in 1999 moved to Maui where he devotes his time to building the finest possible guitars he can.

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