Michael Thames

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Michael Thames has been building classical guitars for many years. By 2020 he had made more than 1000 guitars. His  approach to design and the philosophy of sound is constantly evolving. In the early years, he tried to make his guitars as loud as possible. He now tries to combine balance and warmth along with volume while prioritising attack and ease of response. For those who prefer to focus more on volume, he makes a model featuring different composite tops, which makes for a very loud guitar. He makes all rosettes and purflings and they are hand-dyed. He uses the best quality European Spruce or Western Red Cedar soundboards. The sides are laminated with 2 woods, usually rosewood and mahogany.

Source: Michael Thames Guitars website (20 Janaury 2021)


Michael Thames Guitars Santa Fe , NM
United States
New Mexico US