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Ralph S. Jones created the Micro-Frets brand in the 1960's.Ralph was an engineer and introduced some unique features on these orginal models:

  • The Micro-Frets guitars featured a novel "Micro-Nut" which aimed to compensate for the poor intonation seen on contemporary instruments. You could adjust this nut They also had a special "Calibrato" tremolo, which  was supposed to help keep strings in tune.
  • Pickups were designed by pickup guru Bill Lawrence, with coil taps as standard on some models.
  • Bodies were made from two pieces of hardwood, routed out to give a hollow-body.
  • Necks had an elliptical profile
  • Later models included the 1968 Orbiter, which contained an FM transmitter so you could play your guitar through the radio.

When Ralph Jones died the company closed after a year. It is estimated that only around 3,000 of these original Micro-frets guitars were built
Micro-frets briefly resurrected in the 1970s by David Sturgill who released the Diamond-S model, but the brand folded again after a year.
The brand was resurrected recently by Will Meadors and Paul Rose, a new line of Micro-Frets guitars are now available to buy!


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