Miguel Rodriguez

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Miguel Rodriquez flameco and classical guitars were made by sucessive generations of the Rodriguez family in Cordoba, Spain. Luthier Miguel Beneyto Rodríguez (1888-1975; known as Miguel Senior) had a workshop at number 15, Calle Alfaros  in Cordoba. His twin sons  also made guitars under the Miguel Rodriguez brand name :  Rafael Rodriguez Serrano (1921-1965) and Miguel Rodriguez Serrano (1921-1998;  known as Miguel Junior). Miguel Junior ’s son, Jose Rodriguez Alamo (1949-1996) also worked in the family business. The early Miguel Rodriguez guitars were typically made by Miguel Senior and were lightly built, and small-to-medium-bodied, with exceptional tone and projection. As time went on (1950s to 1960s) and more were made by Rafael and Miguel Junior the body size increased. The later period (1970s to 1990s; made by Miguel Junior & his son Jose) saw longer scale lengths and deeper bodies. All these guitars are highly sought after by guitarists across the world.

Source: GSI: Miguel Rodriguez (9 December 2019)


Miguel Rodriquez
Calle Alfaros, 15
14001 Córdoba , CD
Cordoba ES