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A resident of Portland, Oregon, David Minnieweather started building basses while in the 9th grade at school. Eventually, after making a few custom instruments for his friends, he decided to take luthiery seriously and made around 30 basses through the 1990s. By 2006 Minnieweather had a product line ranging from traditional 4, 5, 6, and 7 string basses in various body to custom extended range instruments with up to 10 strings. From the mid 1990s onwards David made a series of 4 string electric upright basses, known as the Meko models.

David was also a talented and well respected bassist, with 30 years playing experience, and used his insight as a player to help perfect his own basses. He played for artists such as "The Legendary Shirley Caesar" and opened up for gospel legends "The Winans" and "Commissioned".

David attributed his success to the small group of luthiers in Portland Oregon, who helped him through their knowledge, friendship, and mastery as craftsmen. These friends helped in the development of Minnieweather Custom Bass Guitars. He also passed on his experience to other luthiers, contributing to the bass design panel at the Guild of American Luthiers National Convention, in Tacoma, Washington 2008.

David took his own life at the Fremont Bridge, Portland in September 2009.


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