product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Moniker Guitars was founded in 2011 in Austin Texas by Dave Barry and Kevin Tully. Kevin came up with the idea for Moniker Guitars while playing guitar when he was supposed to be studying for the bar exam. In addition to providing legal guidance, Kevin did graphic design, sales, marketing and promotions, social media, fundraising, accounting, customer service and public relations. Dave was the luthier at Moniker and had been building guitars since 2003.  Moniker was founded on the belief that many guitar players want to own a unique instrument so Moniker provided them a website that made designing a custom guitar easy. Customers could choose their guitars shape, colors, parts and add custom text or graphics. Moniker made the guitars at their workshop in Austin, Texas and shipped them directly to customers within 4 weeks. Initial success saw them turn to KickStarter in 2013 to crowsource further capital to launch a new line of semi-hollow bodied electric guitars. In April 2018, however, it appears that Moniker had scaled back their business and were no longer new accepting orders for custom builds.

Source: Moniker Guitars website (Archived 2016)


Moniker Guitars Austin , TX
United States
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