product types: 

  • delay effects
  • flanger effects
  • modulation effects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • tremolo and vibrato effects
  • electric guitars


The Moog brand first appeared when Dr Bob Moog founded the R.A. Moog Co. in 1953, making theremins and modular synthesizer systems. This company became Moog Music in 1972, making some groundbreaking synthesizers. After various changes of ownership, Moog Music was bought by instrument maker Norlin (who also owned the Gibson guitar company at the time). Bob worked with Gibson to create the Gibson RD Artist Guitar. Dr. Moog left from the company in 1977 and it officially ceased operation in 1993.

In 2002, Bob Moog reaquired to the Moog Music name and began production of a recreation of the classic Minimoog synthesizer, the Minimoog Voyager. In 2004 Moog Music released a newly-designed theremin, the EtherwavePro. In 2006 Moog Music introduced a new 37 note, 2 oscillator synthesizer, the Little Phatty. In 2008 Moog introduced the Moog guitar.

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