Morrison (Charles F.)

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  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars


Charles (Chuck) F. Morrison has been building musical instruments since 1974 and was the originator of the Flatiron Mandolin, the Fortune acoustic guitar and Zephyr classical guitar.  He has built instruments in Colorado (1974 to 1979), Montana (1979 to 1981), Vermont (1981 to 1992) and Barnsville, Colorado (2009 onwards). Morrison dropped out of University in Boulder in 1975 to build copies of his grandfather's Army/Navy model mandolin - he called them Flatirons, and sold them in Colorado, Washington and Montana. In 1979 He set up the original Montana Flatiron Mandolin shop in the old Bozeman Hotel in Montana and also began making acoustic guitars. During this time he met Mark Tyers and Christopher Parkening turned his attention towards making high quality classical guitars. In 1981 he moved out of the Flatiron mandolin business and went to Vermont to make classical guitars, acoustic guitars, archtop mandolins and some dulcimers - at this point he also studied for a degree and taught music at the college level. He moved back to Colorado in 2009.

Source: Charles F. Morrison website (27 June 2018)


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