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Luigi Mozzani (1869-1943) was born in Faenza, Italy. Although born into a poor family Mozzani showed promise as a musician and was soon earning money playing the clarinet, but also learned to play the guitar. He recevied a diploma in the oboe at the Bologna Conservatory and went on to play internationally. In 1896 he published "studies for guitar" a series of exercises to develop guitar technique, and also later published many other guitar compositions. A visit to Paris around 1898 led to an interest in guitar making and he returned to Faezna in 1899 to establish his own workshop.

For the following years he continued touring, performing and composing while also making guitars. In 1912 he patented a design for a lyre-guitar. Between 1910 and 1924 he made various stringed instruments, both bowed and plucked and also taught luthiery (Mario Maccaferri was an early apprentice). From 1927 until 1934 he ran "Luigi Mozzani's Italian School of Luthiery", first in Cento and then Bologna. After the school closed he resumed his own workshop and ran a luthiery school again briefly from 1942 until his death in 1943.

Mozzani's school was active until 1947 and was run by Mozzani's wife Alfonsina and one of the teachers. When the school closed the Mozzani family sold the Mozzani brand to the Farfisa company, which continued making classical and flamenco guitars with the brand "L. Mozzani" until at least the 1970s.

Source: - Luigi Mozzani (4 July 2018)


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