Mr Peters

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Peter P. Sceusa filed a patent for a guitar neck in 1961 (granted in 1963). Sceusa's neck had an asymmetric profile that was designed to fit the natural arch of the player's hand. Rickenbacker licensed the technology in 1963 but these necks were not popular and Rickenbacker dropped the Sceusa neck option in 1964. The "Mr Peters" brand name appeared on at least one guitar in the early 1960s, made in Santa Ana and using the Sceusa asymmetric neck profile.

Source: Peter P. Sceusa patent #3091150

Source: Rickenbacker Electric 12-String: The Story of the Guitars, the Music, and the Great Players. Tony Bacon, 2010. Backbeat Books


Peter P. Sceusa
4501 Holleyline
Santa Ana , CA
United States
California US