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Luthier Michael Tobias founded the Michael Tobias Design (MTD) bass guitar brand in 1994. MTD is based in Kingston, New York, where Tobias and a small team hand build around 10 basses per month. Tobias started Tobias Guitars in 1977 which was eventually bought out by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1990.

MTD handmade American basses are available in 4, 5, 6 and 7-string versions with many options. Necks are made from maple or ash with a rosewood fingerboard. Wood bodies are made from medium weight ash, domestic tulip wood (aka Eastern yellow poplar), alder, and mahogany. Pickups and active electronics are a custom Bartolini design.

MTD also has imported bass ranges: the Kingston, Heir, and Saratoga series basses are made in China to Tobias's designs.


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