product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Randy S. Muth work for a number of years in Pharmaceuticals before he began to make guitars in 2004. He has been buidling guitars professionally since around 2007 and is based in Hamilton in central New York State. Muth uses his scientific training to refine his guitar designs and (circa 2018) offers four models or sizes: the S14 (Grand Concert, 00), the S15 (Orchestra Model, 000), the S16 (Small Jumbo, 0000) and the S16J (Jumbo, J45/AJ). He also offers nylon crossover guitars in his two smallest sizes (N-14 and N-15).

Source: RS Muth website (10 July 2018)



Randy S. Muth Hamilton , NY
United States
New York US