Myers (Chris)

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  • acoustic guitars
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Chirs Myers started building guitars in the early 1980s. He made own version of a Gibson Les Paul using a power drill and a saber saw and it turned out well enough to sell. He then moved onto making an archtop in 1983 while working with a cello maker in South Boston. Myers started the archtop in 1983 but didn't have a chance to finish it until 2001. At this stage in his life he became more serious about guitar making and developed a friendship with Mark Campellone who was a valuable source of advice, wood, tools and contacts for Myers. Myers currently build archtops in Norton, MA and offers 2 standard models: the Orpheum and the SC.

Source: Myers guitars website (11 July 2018)


Myers Guitars
6 Downing Drive
02766 Norton , MA
United States
Massachusetts US