product types: 

  • banjos
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


NBN Guitars was founded in Longmont, Colorado by ex employees of ODE banjos. ODE had been sold to Baldwin in 1966. The founders were Monty Novotny, Reb Bennett, and Bernie Nettesheim - who developed prototypes from 1967 onwards before launching the company in 1969. Bernie Nettesheim soon left but the others carried on until 1976. NBN was a small company and during its time produced around 350 steel string guitars, 20 banjos, and 10 classical guitars.  These were high quality instruments however which were popular with professional musicians including: James Taylor, Leo Kottke, Steven Stills, Peter Yarrow, and Paul Simon

Source: NBN Guitars history site (25 July 2018)


NBN Guitars Ltd.
7823 County Line & Oxford
80501 Longmont , CO
United States
Colorado US