product types: 

  • electric guitars
  • acoustic guitars


Northwood guitars are handmade in Canada by John McQuarrie. While at school John studied classical guitar with the Royal Conservatory of Music. He made his first guitar as a high school wood shop project. John continued building and repairing instruments throughout high school and was hired by Jean Larrivee in the 1980's. This job lasted seven years and provided valuable experience building both electric and acoustic guitars. John left Larrivee in 1994 and began Northwood Guitars in Langley, B.C.. He continued to build and repair guitars and other instruments and began attending trade shows worldwide to promote his product. He now has a loyal dealer network in locations around the world. In 2006, John and his family moved from Langley to the small hamlet of Sorrento, in the British Columbia interior. He is also the on-site luthier at The Nimblefingers Bluegrass Festival held every August in Sorrento. Visitors are always welcome and need only call or email beforehand to set up a time to visit.


Northwood Guitars Ltd.
650 Caouette Rd.
Sorrento , BC
British Columbia CA