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NS Design is a company founded by renowned instrument designer Ned Steinberger in 1990. The company specializes in developing electric string instruments, with a primary focus on bowed instruments such as the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Steinberger's vision is to explore the potential of these instruments beyond replicating acoustic sounds.

NS instruments have gained popularity among notable artists like violinist Laurie Anderson, Les Claypool, and Tony Levin. Ned Steinberger's background in woodworking and furniture design led him to venture into instrument design, starting with the Spector NS bass guitar in 1976, which became a classic design. Steinberger Sound Corp., established by Ned, further introduced headless graphite instruments and the innovative TransTrem transposing vibrato unit.

In 1986, Steinberger Sound was acquired by Gibson Musical Instruments, allowing Ned to focus on instrument design while maintaining a consulting role. At NS Design, Ned's dedication to innovation continues with the development of the NS family of concert string instruments, featuring the Polar pickup system for exceptional response and tone control. The instruments are known for their balance, light weight, and versatility, catering to both professional and student musicians. In addition to NS instruments, Ned collaborates with other companies, designing products such as The Realist transducer for acoustic string instruments, electronic tuners, and accessories.

Source: NS Design website (17 July 2023)


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