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Jim Nunis founded the J Nunis custom guitars brand - they launched around 2007 in Atlanta and offered custom Les Paul style electric guitars.

From the J Nunis website (circa 2007)

"First and foremost, we want to give the player a guitar that is not only beautiful, but fully functional to create the music we all love. Every J. Nunis instrument is hand crafted in the USA, of the finest materials and workmanship.

A guitar made in this manner has a soul that is just plain un-describable. You get a guitar that looks and plays like a dream with all the tone and vibe needed to inspire and create. When a musician takes part in the creative process, part of their personality goes into the instrument.

What makes a great guitar as opposed to a good guitar?

We begin by selecting the finest tone woods available. This begins with a trip to the mill or importer. Each piece is hand picked from large bundles. In most cases it requires inspecting 100 or more boards to find 2 to 4 usable pieces. We examine the color, weight, and grain, looking for just the right combination.

Our Maple tops are generally Eastern Flame. Again, careful selection is most important. Eastern Flame is the most spectacular top wood period. It has a 3 dimensional quality you can't miss. Fingerboards are selected from old growth Brazilian, Rosewood, Ebony, and plain or figured Maple.

When the selection is complete, the woods are then cut by hand into usable bodies, necks, and fingerboards. Shaping, routing, and finishing transforms the raw wood into a J. Nunis Custom. The finishing process is one of the most important aspects of the instrument. The wood is prep sanded, filled and stained to bring out it's true beauty. The guitar then receives 10 to 15 water thin coats of Nitrocellulose Lacquer. This is the best guitar finishing material available. As the finish ages, the tone gets better and better. All the prized vintage Gibsons from the 50's were done in this same manner."


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