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OLP (Officially Licensed Product) was a division of Elite Music Brands and HHI Music (Hanser Holdings International). The OLP website launched in 2002, displaying OLP guitars and basses which were licensed copies of Ernie Ball Music Man models. OLP also worked with other brands like Traben Bass Company, Orange County Choppers, McSwain Guitars and Coffin Cases to produce lower cost licensed copies of their products. OLP guitars and basses were made in China and had a good reputation for quality - typically using Korean hardware. OLP Guitars were sold exclusively through a network of authorized OLP Dealers. The OLP brand was retired by HHI in 2009 when Music Man launched the Sterling brand for its entry level models.

Source: OLP Guitars website (archived 2007)


OLP Guitars
2660 Enterprise Road
33763 Clearwater , FL
United States
Florida US