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  • solid state amplifiers
  • mandolins
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars
  • acoustic electric guitars


From 1966 to 2007, Ovation guitars, and later on Adamas guitars, were a brand of Kaman Music Corporation, a subsidiary of the Kaman Corporation, a large aerospace company. Charles Kaman, the President and a guitar enthusiast, decided that his company could apply its technology to acoustic guitar making. In 1966 after 18 months of research and development a team of Kaman engineers perfected the rounded semi-parabolic composite body. They used a similar composite technology for these rounded backs as used for aircraft rotors and called it Lyrachord - it could be molded into shape without the need for traditional bracing.

The Ovation guitar was promoted in the 1960s by Josh White and Glen Campbell. From the early 1970s Ovation guitars came equipped with onboard pre-amplifiers, with equalization and piezo pickups - this meant they became popular with live acoustic musicians who wanted a live acoustic sound without feedback problems. Their popularity peaked in the 1980s when they were a common sight in live performances.  In 1976 Ovation developed the high-end  Adamas series of models which had multiple off-centre sound holes and carbon fiber / wood composite soundboards. There was also the budget Applause brand which made the bowl backed acoustic affordable for every one and solid bodied Ovation electric guitars. Ovation was sold to Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in 2008 and Fender closed the factory in New Hartford, Connecticut to move production overseas.

In 2015 Drum Workshop became the owner of Ovation Guitars in 2015 as part of a multi-brand acquisition from Fender/KMC. GEWA Music was awarded exclusive Ovation distribution rights throughout Europe, and began developing proprietary designs for the European market. In 2020 GEWA Music acquired Ovation Guitars (along with the Adamas and Applause brands) from Drum Workshop. Ovation's New Hartford Custom Shop resumed production of the Adamas models.

Source: Ovation Guitars website (19 May 2022)


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