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Kolya Panhuyzen worked with his uncle master luthier Edgar Mönch for three years, in Toronto, Canada and later in Germany. He started his own workshop in 1974 and has been making classical guitars ever since. He moved his workshop from Toronto to Germany in 1992. His guitars are valued for their balance, wide tonal palette, and playability. They have been used by many professional classical guitarists including: Jury Clormann, Carlo Domeniconi, Duo Flâmas, Zoran Dukic, Günther Görtz, Giovanni Grano, Helmut Jasbar, Hubert Käppel, Dale Kavanagh, Matt Palmer, Krzystof Pelech, Sonja Prunnbauer, Nathasja van Rosse, Raphaëlla Smits, Harald Stampa, Elisabeth Trechslin, Trio de Cologne, and Laura Young,

Source: Panhuyzen Guitars website (5 December 2018)


Kolya Panhuyzen